Magnif-Eye Journal

The Magnif-Eye eye magazine is a quarterly, non-profit publication on eye care in Ghana. The magazine is freely distributed to all eye care personnel in Ghana and affiliates in Nigeria.
The development, printing and distribution of the magazine is made possible through the partnerships with the Ghana Optometric Association.

The magazine seeks to magnify eye care in every dimension; knowledge, products and services by centring on the following:
1. Eye care facilities in Ghana
2. New researches in Ghana on pertinent eye conditions and treatment regiments
3. New global researches which impact on Ghanaian eye care environment
4. Showcases new equipment in eye care delivery
5. Profiles eye care personnel who are working in deprived communities and areas in Ghana
6. Advertisement section for groups seeking greater publicity and market for their eye care products and services
7. General advertisement for corporate groups such as financial institutions, communication and pharmaceutical companies and interested establishments.

Articles combine clinical issues with public health approaches which include research, planning and management, appropriate technology, training, and advocacy. Attention is also paid to programmes for people who are blind or living with low vision.
The principal aim of the magazine is informational to ensure that up-to-date and relevant information reaches eye care workers of all levels (primary, secondary, and tertiary) in a reader-friendly format that can easily be adapted for personal education.

Readers include ophthalmologists, optometrists, nurses, ophthalmic assistants, general doctors, programme planners, administrators, and public health specialists with special emphasis on the general Ghanaian public.

The magazine is provided free to all eye health personnel, centres, partners and strategic public places such as libraries, malls, supermarkets, bus terminals etc. The distribution also targets
secondary and tertiary institutions with special attention to the universities. Circulation is 1000. The magazine is also published online at

Content Contribution
Contributions to the magazine are considered in two broad categories:
1. Thematic articles where the author is invited to write an original editorial on a subject matter of interest. Each article is seen by three reviewers before being edited for publication.
2. Unsolicited short reports, abstracts and letters, which are sent to the Editor with a request for publication. Articles which meet the criteria and are considered to be of interest to our readership are sent for review before being accepted for publication. Successful articles are published in the magazine.

Content Structure
Magnif-Eye is a 20 page dossier with several columns of researches, patient education (complex eye conditions simplified for the understanding of the lay man). There are also portions dedicated to national eye health professional bodies such as the Ghana Optometric Association. It features a section dedicated to the discussing of relevant national eye health issues. The magazine also has areas which use the central theme of humour to bring out very important issues concerning general health and the eye.
Last but not the least, there are pages dedicated to advertising.

Magnify-Eye is a quarterly magazine which is distributed in Ghana free of charge. The funding for the publication and distribution is generated from advertisements in the magazine and other donations. Various advertising packages exists for interested groups such as: eye clinics, eqipment distributors, drug houses, banks and other financial services, any business establishment that would seek to advertise in the magazine. Special discounted packages exists for those who would want a long term partnership with Magnif-eye.

Printing and Delivery
The magazine seeks to create a standard not only in eye care but also with the quality of printing and the reliability of delivery. The printing is done by Immor Graphics based in Kumasi. This press group was chosen because it offered a more economical printing cost without any compromise on the quality of print. Again. Because of its location; Kumasi, being an almost central point of Ghana, it affords Imperial Eye Care Group the opportunity to easily and promptly deliver the magazine to centres in both the northern and southern sectors of the country.
The delivery to the various centres is carried out by our regional representatives, who also form the funding and distribution team.


The first edition of the magazine is to be realeased in the first quarter of 2013 and will be online at