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Newly Qualified Optometrist

Currently, the newly graduated optometrists are inducted into the AHPC/Ghana Optometric Association so they can do their one year internship at any of the Ministry of Health Hospitals or accredited eye clinics throughout the country.

After their internship, they are required to write a professional exam to obtain practice license renewable every year.
Let’s work together!


The association has partnership arrangements with several national and international bodies.
These partnerships seek to improve the coverage of eye care services as well as improvement in eye health quality. Some of these partners include:

The World council of Optometry

African Council of Optometry


Magnif-Eye Journal

The Magnif-Eye eye magazine is a quarterly, non-profit publication on eye care in Ghana.
The magazine is freely distributed to all eye care personnel in Ghana and affiliates in Nigeria.
The development, printing and distribution of the magazine is made possible through the partnerships with the Ghana Optometric Association.

Optometry in Ghana

The first optometry school in Ghana started in the KNUST department of Physics in 1992
The first class had just five students and were instructed by Dr. Morny (Ghana's first optometrist). It initially offered only postgraduate degrees, soon also offered bachelor's degrees. In 2004, just as the first batch of optometrist with the bachelor's degrees had graduated, they were enrolled for the two year Doctor of Optometry (O.D) program.